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Experts in Marketing with Purpose

Alejandra Ruiz

Publicist - Business, Brand and Communication Strategist.

In 2024, we have reached an incredible milestone: 60 clients have trusted us with their growth and are part of our portfolio!

Some are no longer active with us, but continue to expand their operations based on the strong foundation we built together.

They are more than customers, they are our ambassadors of a new era in marketing, where quality and innovation are the stars.

This achievement is not only ours, it is proof that every company, regardless of its size, can find in letsgrow a partner dedicated to making its dreams come true.

Since May 2020, at Let's Grow Agency we have launched ourselves into the ring independently, with a clear purpose: To bring our experience, professionalism, and high quality in the deliverables that we have built for years with large advertisers in LATAM, to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies.  Making the DEMOCRATIZATION of high-quality marketing possible.

Meet our founders


Alejandra Ruiz

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Publicist specializing in digital marketing.

Digital Strategist, new business development.

Social media, web development and growth hacking.

Full Stack Marketer


Julian Martinez

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Producer and Director of Audiovisual Products.

Film Director and Passionate about

new digital video formats.

Sr. Producer of TV Commercials.



It is not NASA science but surely this methodology also applies there. It is about putting the needs of the consumer, user or client at the center of all marketing activities, in our case, we apply this same rule to do, Customer centric marketing, design, experiences and content.

The simplicity of understanding, listening and empathizing whatever your type of B2B or B2C client is in humanizing your messages, connecting from the purpose of the brand is much more affective than just saying what you do.

With these clear rules of the game, we invite you to be part of the brands that grow together with the loyalty of their customers, if you decided to read this far, you are at the right time, place and channel to start growing your idea and turning it into a deal. 


Before and even in some classic advertising agencies, strategies to approach new clients or retain loyal clients focus on brands, products or prices, however, the digital world and globalization have brought us new ways of create effective and emotional links with consumers and users; So this is how human centric marketing comes into play.

HUMAN CENTRIC MARKETING allows brands to target the right customer through the right channels, with the right message and at the right time.

And what are the main benefits of applying it?


Establish deeper and more meaningful connections with your customers, represent their needs with your messages, connect from the ideals you share with them as a brand.


Invest in acquisition channels, campaigns and partners that help you acquire high-value customers. The game of fishing with dynamite is over and now clients are caught one by one, the closer you get to them the more you will know them and the better and more relevant your messages will be as a brand.


Interacting with customers at the right time, on the platform they are on, with the message that is most likely to resonate at a given moment in time will make you truly visible and relevant; But be careful that they define the moment, not you.




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McKinney, TX 75069

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